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Without doubt, Eric Clapton is a modern musical genius. His music spans decades from 1963 to today. He has been in legendary groups and now performs solo and with friends. Slowhand Graffiti proudly presents Our Tribute To Eric Clapton Throughout The Years.

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The Band
SLOWHAND GRAFFITI, a New England based Eric Clapton tribute band, hit the streets in June 2008.  The response has been out of sight.   This band has been a work in progress for many months now and features some of the finest musicians in the Northeast..

SLOWHAND GRAFFITI chronicles the musical career of the world's most prolific and versatile rock guitarist of all time, Eric Clapton, beginning with his tenure with the Yardbirds (when he was first discovered in the UK) and continuing through his partnership with John Mayall (The Godfather of British Blues), the formation of Cream, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominoes, and then his solo career right up to the present time.

This band will not only let the audience experience some of the finest music Clapton has produced, as one does at any of his concerts, but will also provide the audience, especially the baby-boomers, an insight into the enormity and range of this man's amazing career!

The line-up will include Jim Cribby ..boards; Rick "The Senator" Goode on vocals, lead, and slide guitar; Vernon Northover on lead guitar, vocals, and harp; Bob "Dyno" Dinozzi on bass and vocals; and will also feature Christian Northover, the new 16 year old drum prodigy from Medway, MA. (Drumming honors will also be shared by Tom Brodeur and Alec Antobenedetto)

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